Back At Square One

Last year started off with a bang. Jesse moved in January 7th 2017 and the following four months spent adjusting to diapers, bottles, and a little soul that commanded every free second we could spare; made us better at everything. It was an incredible year for Ana and I watching him grow and loving him, and each other, and seeing him grow confident and strong. Our business got nothing but our very best and it improved, in fact we got better at every aspect of our life. In December we had family visit from Brazil. The time sailed by on a wave of laughs, good food, some broken English and far more broken Portuguese, and the odd glass of wine here and there. We went to the beach, hung out in Vegas, and most of all felt the warmth and love of even more family during the holiday season. We rang in the new year with a steak dinner, traditional Brazilian lentils, and it was one of our best. When 2018 banged on the door at midnight, she was dressed in red, gorgeous and sexy and she promised us the moon.

That was six weeks ago, and like most hot girls in red dresses that bang on your door at midnight making promises, we are still waiting.

Jesse, got sick, then I got sick, then Ana got sick. By the time Ana was getting better Jesse was sick again, then I got sick again, and then Ana. Then I had a shoulder problem that required surgery. I had an infection, so they loaded me up with a cocktail of IV antibiotics, enough to float a battleship. Five days later I was back home and on the mend. I couldn’t eat anything without feeling like I got kicked in the stomach. The fevers came back, and I couldn’t eat or sleep for days. A few days ago I realized that the anti-biotics had killed off my stomach flora and that was the probable source of my stomach problems. We started feeding me probiotics and within a day I could eat fruit. Within two days I was eating eggs, and last night we celebrated with a home-made brownie.

Everything is working great again. Especially the mirror. I’ve lost over 20lbs, most of it muscle, but it wasn’t all a loss. I did manage to pick up some unsightly bodyfat along the way.

I could use a workout.

We decided a brisque family walk would be good for what ailed me so this morning at the crack of dawn we loaded Jesse into his stroller, the dogs into their harnesses, and Ana into an incredibly sexy pair of tights, and started down the road. As the fresh spring air filled my lungs, my chest swelled, and my glutes tightened with every step. Smiling from ear to ear I envisioned my soon-to-be sinewy body clad in a thirsty bath towel and caressed by the light of a solitary window casting a shadow across my defined abs and chiseled masculine frame. By the time we reached the end of our street I had traded the towel for an old bathrobe and a chair to sit on. I breathlessly asked Ana if we could slow the pace a little, I was getting light headed.

Two months ago I could go 10 rounds or more on a heavy bag, clock a decent pace per mile, and I would challenge almost anyone to keep up with me in the gym. Today, when we finally made it to the park, I had to sit down and considered asking Ana to walk home and get the truck and pick me up.

This is what they call “starting from scratch”. I am a pretty optimistic guy, but I gotta tell you, my first thoughts were that this really sucks. That is the absolute truth.

But there is another truth. I’m alive, and I can do the work if I choose to. If I choose to do the work it will all come back, and then some. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to do something truly courageous and amazing at 58 years old that not everyone would choose to do.

So this is it. February 10th/ 2018 – Day One. I logged a lazy one-mile long walk to the park with the love and support of my wife, foster son, and our two dogs.

I think it will take about three or four months before I attempt to wow Ana with the whole thirsty bath towel thing but I have goals, and I am motivated. I love to tell a good story so I’m going to journal my transformation here on my website just for fun. If you are starting out from scratch, why not give it a go with me. It will be an adventure.

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