Getting Back To Doing What I Love

I retired from commercial photography a couple of years ago. It was a dream to become a successful photographer and to make my living that way, but for a long list of reasons, the more money my work commanded, the less and less fun and creative photography became.

For the most part, commercial photography is more about being technically correct than creative, in my opinion. You are always following the direction of someone with less photographic ability, creativity, and vision than you have. It can be more about ticking boxes and not pushing the envelope than creating something really special.

High-end commercial photography is where old photographers and their creativity go to die in my opinion. The money can be great though, and that’s why it’s so appealing.

Ana and I don’t need to rely on my photography to earn a living so thanks to Blessed Bodywear I am a hobbyist again and enjoying photography more than ever before. I shoot who I want to shoot when I feel inspired, and as a result, I am having the time of my life trying new and challenging things.

The model in this shot is Robyn. I have known her for over a decade and would consider her a close friend. We shot this image, and a handful of others, for Blessed Bodywear. It’s a simple setup, nothing all that creative, but for Robyn, it’s a huge step as she is not comfortable looking at the camera. My goal with her is to become comfortable in front of the camera and build on her ability to express herself. It will take a little time to develop, but we are working at it and having fun in the process.

I have a vision for what I would like to shoot with her, and because there is no deadline, we can take our time getting her and me ready to do something truly special.

That is what I wanted to get back to, and no amount of money is worth losing my passion to create something beautiful again.

Creating art is best when it’s just fun.

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