Sex, Love, And Art

So many assume that for me to make art with a woman, I must be motivated by, even driven by, the desire for sex.

But it’s never about sex.

It’s a quest for beauty.

Sex without love is not about beauty. For many, that pursuit of gratification is only about conquest, control, possession. Often It leaves those once burning with passion, diminished in some way. Emptier.

Love is a masterpiece crafted over time, by soft and caring hearts and hands, grain by grain, with the waves and winds of life shared. Making the very best love then becomes a sharing and unbridled giving.

Beauty is neither of these. One can argue that beauty is everywhere, but the most beautiful, the honest and vulnerable beauty, is always hidden, protected. Only time and trust will coax it from behind thick walls of insecurity and fear.

Beauty alone is the quest. Always.

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