The Girl

She is the reason.

For most things I do as I think about it.

Amidst all the rest she is there, soft, beautiful, and her way of walking through life diminishes the biggest of problems, and reduces the little ones to smiles.

She is the color, the flavor, and her love makes me invincible.

When she blesses me with her time, like a little girl, she makes it all so real, so important, as we stroll onto a chilly beach close to sunset. It’s the time with her that is art, the pictures then, a fond reminder of a day given to us to live.

Love is the best thing in life. Love, time, and someone to share it with passionately.

But you don’t find love; you build it. Moment by moment.

Mission Beach, San Diego – December 4th/2017
Model: Ana Tigre, my loving wife

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