Winter At The Beach

It can get chilly in Las Vegas during winter, and windy. So while the drive is long, traffic is heavy, and it’s often a three movie trip for Jesse, we frequently make a trip to Southern Calfornia to check on Blessed Bodywear production (we do all our manufacturing in the LA area), as well as production.

We work in the city, but with the beach so close there is no way we are missing out. We are in San Diego for a couple of days, with Jesse and Ana’s Mother and Father.

The routine is up around 5 am, running by 6:30 am with dogs and baby and about 30lbs of support gear for the 3-mile jog on the beach. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, the best way to start the day.

Then it’s into LA for work, more traffic south once all the fires are stamped out, and a gentle evening in a sleepy little beach city in the winter.

There are roses to smell almost everywhere you go; you just have to make them happen sometimes.

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