Because They Can’t See It, Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t There

There was a girl once, a blonde girl with one of those fancy short haircuts that make you look twice. Not the short ones that women get for efficiency, it was the kind that looks great in slow motion and that just falls into place effortlessly as if God himself placed every strand. Yep…man, woman or beast, you just had to look twice.

She called Ana one day, her heart had just been broken by a fool. That happens to young men from time to time; they act like fools and break valuable things they will never get back. Old men do as well I suppose, and men in between young and old. Some guys can be fools at any age. She asked Ana if I could do something for her.

The cure for a broken heart, I was told, is to get all gussied up and have some beautiful pictures taken. Or dress up like a lady of the night, get drunk off your ass and go out chasing fools with your equally drunk and bitter friends. The idea is to choose at least one of the fools, do things you would never do with someone you love, all to exact some sort of twisted revenge on the fool that broke your heart. It never works of course because the first fool has already moved on and doesn’t care, and everyone else got what they wanted except you.

This young lady opted for a photoshoot, a tastefully sensuous one that emphasized her remarkable beauty. Perhaps the experience, and resulting pictures, reminded her of what was really there, the value that the fool wasn’t able to see anymore. I was quietly proud of her for directing her feelings toward something constructive.

The pictures turned out beautifully because she was beautiful, vibrant, and sexy, with a gorgeous smile and a warm loving heart.

I sent them to her when they were done, she thanked me sincerely, and I never saw her again. She had a couple of adventures I was told, the virtuous kind you can tell your mom and kids about; then she fell in love with a wonderful man and is happily married now and a mother. While it hurt her at the time, the fool was meant to go because a far better future was waiting for her up ahead.

There is a lesson there I think. If someone can’t see the value in us, it doesn’t mean the value isn’t there. Move on and enjoy your life. The right person will come along when you are ready, and they will see it.

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