Just A Girl From Montana

It was well over ten years ago when I photographed Robyn Ward the first time. She had packed up her small town dreams along with a few cute outfits and left the security of home in Montana for the lights and adventure that lay waiting in Las Vegas.

We had a mutual friend back then, and since she thought she might like to give modeling a shot, he made introductions. That first shoot was like most are, clumsy and awkward at times, but we did end up with a couple of good images worth showing the world. The next time it was predictably better and the time after that, exponentially so.

I don’t know exactly how often we have worked together over the years. There have been good ones and better ones, all of them beautiful but a meaningful sort of beauty sculpted by time and all that those years have brought to bear. Now there is a warmth there, the kind that comes from a shared journey and the ease that is felt standing together on the other side of it all.

Robyn is beautiful, sexy, and can be seductive, but far more enchanting; she has a good heart.

Oddly enough though, she’s still shy about being in front of a camera. It’s what the camera may record that bothers her, some imperfection only her eyes can see. I think the word “insecurity” is a dismal failure at capturing the subtle nuances involved in not wanting to be criticized or verbally chopped down in a very personal way for no reason outside of being mean-spirited.

Pretty people don’t feel anything because they are pretty, right? Same with rich people, or powerful people or people we don’t know or don’t look like us.

But she is human and she feels it all. Funny thing, she doesn’t think she is better than anyone else, or necessarily more beautiful than anyone else, she is just a girl from Montana chasing her dreams and doing her best. She is kind, loving, and truly cares about others. And she lets me capture what I see, on the outside of course, but if you look into those eyes like I have, you will see there is an inside too.


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