Running Back To The Water

I was up before four in the morning that day, I had an early appointment in Los Angeles and still needed to make the four and a half-hour-long drive across the hot and barren Mojave desert. It’s cooler at that hour and a better drive. I looked back longingly at Ana laying there beside me. She was still sleeping, her skin so soft and her hair tousled gently across her pillow. She looked divine laying there warm yet only partially covered by the silky soft sheets. The last thing my body and mind were telling me was to leave her there, but I was doing this for my family. The sooner I get there I thought, the sooner I get back. I was dressed and on the road in a matter of minutes.

I had packed the night before and set my bag by the door. I skipped breakfast so as not to wake anyone. I figured I could grab a bag of Jerky and a cup of coffee on the road. I would wait until I got to Baker. They have one of those truck stops there with a respectiable selection of road nicknacks on hand for purchase. They have the usual selection of ball caps, cowboy hats, CB radios, tee shirts, shot glasses, and back scratchers along with a treasure trove of pretty much everything a guy on the road might ever need. I would never admit to buying any of that stuff, but I spend more time than I should be looking at it every chance I get.

The jerky was good. I washed it down with a foot-long cup of steaming black coffee. A few Kenny Chesney songs later and I was weaving my way in and out of morning Los Angeles area traffic.

As luck would have it, my meeting was canceled just as I arrived. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, so I immediately headed south and west toward the water.

I don’t remember the first time I fell in love with Southern California’s beaches. I assume I was out of diapers, but I can’t say for sure. Laguna Beach is one of my favorites. The sand is clean and soft, but they also have some beautiful rock formations and tidepools that I find fascinating. The water is tumultous in the little spot I like to go so you can’t hear anything but ocean. I like to sit on the sand, or on the rocks, and just let the world go by for awhile. The only hard part about being there is being there without Ana and our little family.

I took some selfies for her along with a few other shots so that she could be reminded of how wonderful it felt being there. We are booked there on another business trip next week. I think I will shoot pictures of Ana next time though.

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