Hot Photoshoot With Ana

Having Jesse in our life has been one of the greatest gifts, and so much good has come from him being with us. As with all life-changing decisions, we had to make some sacrifices, however, and one of them has been Ana and I spontaneously doing a photoshoot.

Jesse is now having full day visits with his biological mom, so we took advantage of the free time to do something we have missed doing more than anything else. We went to a spot in downtown Las Vegas, the less glamorous part, and did a photoshoot together.

Ana was a little nervous, she called it rusty in the Vlog, but I didn’t see any of that from my end. I was even a little nervous shooting her again, or maybe it was just excited.

The day was a gamechanger for us and we will be shooting at least a couple times a month moving forward. I posted the shots of her in the Freedom Shirt but the others we are saving for the next issues of my digital magazine.

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