A Sexy Model And Some Life Lessons

Jesse gets the bulk of our free time, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. This past weekend though, he spent most of Sunday with his biological mom. Ana and I had some free time to burn. Ana is my favorite model to work with, but we haven’t shot together since Jesse came to live with us in January, so we made plans to do a photoshoot. Las Vegas has some incredibly talented graffiti artists, and you can see their work scattered throughout the arts district and the downtown area and we wanted to take advantage of the colors, shapes and reckless freedom that consumes an entire building.

We found these abandoned houses covered with graffiti so completely they are transformed into art pieces, perfect for what we had planned. I shot Ana in a very sexy top and a pencil skirt, all basic black with black heels in contrast with the location. That set will be published in the second issue of Unscripted Magazine that will be available soon. I also had to shoot her at this location wearing my new Freedom Shirt available in UnscriptedStore.com.

The day took us back to a time when our relationship always came first, before Jesse blessed our life. The day brought us closer, made us happier, and since then everything has run much smoother at home. We learned a lesson about prioritizing each other and the things we love to do together because if we are stronger as a couple, the family is much stronger.

We’ll be shooting every chance we get now. It was a reminder that enjoying life and not just doing our duty is the cement that brings a marriage and family together. It was a good lesson. We will both spend more time giving thanks for the every day things and people we would otherwise take for granted. They may not always be there and if we don’t acknowledge them now, we won’t enjoy them as much as we could while we still have them to enjoy.

I hope you enjoy these as much as we did making them.

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