Lesson Learned – Training Diary

August 6-12
I wanted so badly to report a week of butt-kicking, take no prisoners, do-or-die training but it wasn’t in the cards this week.

I don’t schedule days off from training, I play it by ear, and if my body tells me I need more rest or more food, I will take a recovery day to get caught up again. That will entail a little more food than normal and some extra sleep. Last Sunday was one of those recovery days. I was more sore than normal, achy all over, and I felt wiped out. The rest felt good.

Monday I hurt my right knee doing legs. Nothing horrendous, just a pinch on the top of my right knee cap. After stretching, I realized it was caused by tight hip flexors and inflexible adductors and abductors, as well as tight psoas muscles on both sides. Basically – I hurt my knee because I’ve been too lazy to stretch.

It’s Saturday now, and my knee is finally feeling like I can do something with it – after a week of stretching properly. Note to self, don’t be lazy when it comes to stretching and warming up properly.

The second hit was a stomach bug that showed up on Monday as well. Not a really horrendous stomach bug but eating was no fun at all, and I generally had no energy and was tired all week. I got the bug from Jesse; kids are walking Petrie dishes, so he probably picked it up at the gym day care.

The lesson there was to spend a couple of bucks on some supplements that strengthen my immune system. Oregano oil is a good general catch all, so is Kyolic odorless garlic. I know it’s very controversial and many experts say it doesn’t do anything, but supplementing L-Glutamine always helps me with recovery. I also learned to be more disciplined with my food as I have missed a few meals on my busy days and I have to stop doing that or injuries, and diminished results are inevitable.

So, not a stellar week in the gym but I was reminded to focus on all the details and not just the workouts.

Moving on to next week more focused and doing things smarter.

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