Timea Majorova – Just Like Old Times

Timea was one of four top fitness models that I photographed in my very first photoshoot as a fitness industry photographer. That was about nineteen years ago. Of the four models I worked with that day, she was the friendly one, the one that was humble, kind, considerate, and as it turns out; the most successful and published fitness model of that era and perhaps of all time. We became friends back then and have been very close friends ever since.

We have traveled and worked together all over the USA. We have fought like cats and dogs and laughed harder than we have ever laughed with each other, all on the same day. Together we have created some of my favorite images, and memories.

Almost two decades later she is a mom with two beautiful children, and she still enjoys modeling about as much as I enjoy working with her. It’s been a couple of years since we shot together, too long in our collective opinion, so we made it happen a few days ago at Laguna Beach, California.

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