Taking A Moment

Last Sunday was here just a minute ago, it seems. I had big plans for the week. A date night or two with Ana, a hike at Red Rocks, a movie night at home as a family, and some alone time on my Harley discovering some lonely desert back roads. Somewhere between stamping out fitness wear manufacturing fires, taking out the garbage, changing diapers, doing dishes and joining the plastic bag brigade in the park as I followed the dogs from tree to tree; those romantic moments I envisioned last Sunday got swapped for something less memorable.

Reflecting on the week last night landed me on the couch munching on a great big bag of self-pity. The world had refused to stop spinning so that I could have a little fun, enjoy some time with my wife, or follow even one of my humble dreams. My bottom lip protruded sufficiently that someone should have noticed, but no one did. They were all too busy.

The garbage can kept filling itself up, and the dishes refused to wash themselves. Our dog’s obsession with defiling the park only grew stronger, and Jesse kept his diapers topped up with a vengeance. Ana was going as fast and as hard as she could to keep up. No one brought their wants and needs to a screeching halt to pencil in some fun-time for Terry. I realized it was time to man up and that I would have to take the moments I wanted for myself, or something else would.

Armed with this epiphany, I vowed this week would be different.

If I were to pick my absolute favorite guilty pleasure, it would be shooting pictures of Ana. It’s time spent together expressing our passion for each other and creating art, when nothing but us exists. A rare thing with a demanding business to run, a house to manage, an infant to raise, and two dogs that insist the world revolves around them.

If we want to get any shooting time, it has to be early enough that no one else in the house wants any part of it.

So this morning I took charge, sacrificed some sleep, and got up earlier. I gently coaxed Ana from the bed and put her in the shower. Since there was really no need, we skipped makeup and the other commotion that usually precedes a photo shoot. I dressed her in something simple, yet beautiful, and led her to the hallway overlooking our living room where the big windows are. As the first light of a new day began to softly caress her body, I captured these pictures. And we connected again in a way we hadn’t for a long time.

The whole thing only took a moment. But it was a moment I will cherish all week. It was a moment that will balance out all the less glamorous ones that fill most of our days. It will make those passing kisses between us more sweet, and frequent I’d wager. I know she will reach for my hand more quickly and I will squeeze her backside more often than it needs, and she will smile every time because it needs it far more than I think. And when the woodpile gets higher than I can manage, her smile and gentle touch will chop it back down to size again. 

Being close to the one you love and spending time together alone, is invaluable. It’s the most important time for everyone and everything. It has to be the highest priority. Those moments spent together when undistracted by life, no matter how loud it cries, how bad it smells, or how much of it there is; is the stuff that strengthens us, gives purpose to it all, and reminds us we are not alone and we are loved.

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