Interview With Rapper Elicit

When he was seventeen years old, a skinny white kid named Mike started rapping. He was good, really good, but the world was different back then. The internet was new and was certainly not developed to the point it is today where artists no longer need contracts with labels to get themselves out there. He had incredible talent but never got his shot, he never made it big. Despite that, and with the limited budget he had for production, Mike kept putting out his music under the name Elicit and built a small but loyal fan base in Western Canada.

He grew up, got married, and the corporate job, and because the music has never left him, he is producing his music again, but this time the production value is professional, as is the marketing behind it, and this Friday Elicit launches the second phase of his music career.

Mike and I have some history. He was like a son to me back when he started his career, and for a time he dated my daughter and almost became my son through marriage.

It was my pleasure to do this interview with him. His is a story about overcoming hardships, following your dreams and being persistent. It’s about making music whether the world is listening or not because it’s in you. Whatever that music is in your life.

I am proud to introduce you to a man I am very proud of, Mike Vermette – Elicit.

“Speak For You ” YouTube video

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