Shooting Chelsea Neill

I saw this girl at the gym and she had a look that we felt would work for Blessed Bodywear. I asked Ana to talk to her about modeling. Everyone is on the defense at the gym, so I rarely talk to anyone there that I don’t know but Ana and her clicked right away and Chelsea agreed to working with us. Later on they set up a shooting date and the photoshoot went very well. That was last fall and we have shot a few times since then, all of it for Blessed Bodywear. I liked this girl, she is a single mom of two very well behaved young boys, an army veteran, and a girl that works very hard at two jobs to support her family.

For the last shoot we did I shifted gears. Chelsea has a very exotic look and since my photography career was built on shooting glamour, we agreed to do a couple sets in something other than fitness wear. I hope you enjoy our work.

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