Shooting Chelsea Cruz – Vlog Episode 12

In this episode we take an early run to Peggy’s Attic, and make a donation of new tops and some tights for teenage girls on behalf of Blessed Bodywear. It’s a great charity to support in the Las Vegas area. They provide clothing for kids taken into foster care. When a child is taken into protective custody by CPS they have a couple minutes to grab whatever possessions they can carry. Invariably that ends up being very little. By donating new or gently used clothing you can make a positive impact on a child that is going through tremendously traumatic times.

We finish up the day shooting Chelsea Cruz at my home studio. She is a very accomplished mother of two outstanding young men, an Army veteran, and much more. She brought the boys along to the shoot. They played with the dogs, and video games, and did the fun stuff boys like to do. The thumbnail is one of the shots you will see me shooting in the video.

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