Boots and Bikes – Sherry Basnett Hasty

It’s been a handful of years since I first met Sherry at a shoot I had booked with her and another model. As I entered their trendy Las Vegas Resort Hotel room, we exchanged proper greetings. There might have been a handshake involved and some polite smiles. Odd I guess since she wasn’t wearing much, nor was the other girl, and they looked so beautiful, sexy, and excited. I often hear, mostly from guys, that I have the best job in the world. The inference, of course, is that I must spend as much time squeezing and tasting the fruit as I do taking pictures of it. But I don’t, I’m there to do a job and so are they. And more important, I have all the fruit I could ever want at home and have no desire to shop or taste elsewhere.

I love working with models that understand that because they show up prepared to work, and have fun, but never confuse my enthusiasm and the creative process with anything else. Modeling can be very hard work and takes a lot of concentration and skill to do it well. Understanding that is key to collaborating and creating outstanding images. The girls both did great that day. Sherry was new to modeling then but she dove into the deep end and held her own. Her and Ana and I have become buddies over the years and we have shot many times since that first day.

She came to Vegas over the weekend on business and set aside a couple hours for us to work together. I wanted to shoot something edgy, a shift from the usual stuff I’ve been doing lately. I liked the boots and the bike, and the girl’s attitude. She looked like a badass. We had planned to shoot on the desert but the wind kicked up so strong that it wasn’t an option, so we parked in front of the gym door and made it happen there. I finished these in black and white to give them a tougher look.

The bike is mine, I bought it new in 1998. It’s a Dyna Wide Glide. She is mostly stock – mostly, and we’ve seen a lot of road and rough weather together. I treat her well and she makes me very happy.

The pants are the new Hi-Top Squat Pants by Blessed Bodywear that Ana designed and is releasing this week.

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