I Want To Tell You About An Amazing Person

There are people among us living selfless lives doing inspiring things that we never hear about. I know a woman that donated her kidney to a little girl so she could live. I know another woman that sits on the board of a charity for physically and mentally challenged kids as well as a committee that works with the courts and family services to make things easier for children in the foster system. I know a guy that has been diagnosed with terminal cancer three times, and survived, and started a charity to help people and families dealing with cancer, chemo, and the tragedy of loss.

I know these people, but you don’t. That’s wrong, and it’s my fault because I’ve never told you about them. That is about to change, and I can use your help because you also know people like them in your community that are doing meaningful things for others.

With your help, we are going to start telling their stories. I encourage you to look around your community for the people that go above and beyond to help others, and give their energy and time and resources to help those in need. The selfless people that live their lives caring for others, helping where and when needed, and are the first to donate, volunteer, or help when it’s not always easy to do so. Look for the person that lives in a way that moves you so deeply and makes you so proud that you can’t wait to tell people. These people are role models, outstanding citizens, and good humble, hard working people.

When you find that person, please send me an email to terrygoodlad@me.com and tell me that story you are so proud to tell.

When you do, I will explain what we will do for you and that person.

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