Former Army Green Beret T.J. Jaimes Talks About Integrating Into Society After Deployment

The brave souls that volunteer to put themselves in harms way to serve our nation doing things hat most of the people reading this could not fathom; must return home at some time, God willing, and integrate back into society. Transitioning from a world of complete self-sacrifice to another that is abundantly self-serving can be a severe shock. While you are deployed you miss home, when you are home you miss being deployed. When your time in the service is over, there is only home and even though home is where you want to be, it can be a formidable transition.

TJ Jaimes, former Army Green Beret with 5 – 8 month deployments to the middle-east talks about his time in the military, and the transition to life back home. If you know someone that has served, my hope is that this interview will give you some insight into the challenges these returning warriors face and how you can welcome them home without triggering the hard stuff they want to leave behind.



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