Shooting Miss Jordan Hardy

We met Jordan Hardy last summer when we did a track workout video shoot with her and Lindsay Roach, an athlete we have worked with often. Lindsay and Jordan met in College where they both ran track. The video below features both athletes, Jordan is in the pink outfit.

She is pretty, she has a great body, she is an outstanding athlete, but we chose her for this shoot because of her character. At 24 years of age and with her traits and abilities, she could do anything she wanted. She chose a job where she could influence those that need a good influence. That says a great deal about whats in her heart. She works for Haymon Boxing, one of the biggest names in the sport, and she deals almost exclusively with the fighters.

“I love making an impact on these fighters lives. A lot of them come from rough backgrounds, in jail, homeless, raised in bad homes, now they’ve found an outlet in Boxing. My job is to show them there is a life outside of Boxing. I want to be that light. There is so much darkness in this sport, I try to be that positive influence.”

She is a beautiful girl, no question, but her choice to do something good by positively impacting others is infinitely more beautiful. Expect to see more pictures of Jordan Hardy in the future, we love working with her and we are very proud to say so.

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