The Real Jocelyn Zavala

I’m always looking for potential models for Beleza Brazil Fitness Wear. Because the clothing is designed to fit and suit most women, I look for a wide variety of models to showcase the clothing. After a workout Ana and I went to a place called Greens and Proteins near Las Vegas Athletic Club on South Flamingo. They have an awesome everything there and I like to eat there every time we get the chance.

It was there that I met Jocelyn the first time. Me perched on bench elbow deep in a gluten free pizza, and Ana gracefully enjoying something in a far more dignified manner, when Jocelyn cruised by our table. The first thing I look at is facial structure, then general demeanor. If she looks like a nice person then I look a little further. Then I think of the message we want to share about the clothing with the shots we will take and consider that overall look in front of me to see if it will work with what we have planned or not. Jocelyn fit the bill so Ana approached her and handed her a card.

She was very reserved, very cautious, which I saw as a good sign. You should be cautious when strangers approach you about modeling. A few weeks later we booked our first shoot. The pictures turned out good but Jocelyn was still holding back. I hadn’t earned her trust yet and while she was giving me a chance, she was very cautious. It wasn’t until the second and third shoots that she started to really warm up and when that happened, this wonderful, enchanting young woman came to life. She isn’t boisterous, or arrogant, in fact she is the opposite of both. She is a strong latin woman and true to her culture, respect is earned, not given.

I’m there only to do a job, and to have some fun doing it, but fun for me is the creative process. When the model I work with willingly jumps in the water and rides that wave, we always get really good shots. Once Jocelyn felt safe, her beautiful and genuine smile came to life. Her body relaxed and her non-verbal communication could be heard across the busy gym. I love working with her as much as she loves modeling.

She has her own unique look, not cookie cutter, and doesn’t try to be anyone but herself. Just like all of the models we choose to work with. That’s because each woman in the world is unique in her quiet time, alone with her thoughts.

And that’s what I love to shoot most. Real people. Because real people are breathtakingly beautiful and absolutely fascinating.

Shoot at Nash Performance Training Center


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