Lexi Berriman Times Five

My wife, Ana Tigre, owns Beleza Brazil Fitness Wear and even though I am retired from commercial photography and just enjoying it as a hobby now, I do all the shots for her clothing company. She presented me with a challenge yesterday. She wanted to show some different options for wearing her immensely popular squat pants with some of the tribal heart tanks and tribal heart hoodies.

I will start by saying that outside of shooting weddings and children, the think I like doing the least is group shots. Despite my best efforts and instructions, someone always does something to mess up the shot. I thought about what she wanted and came up with an idea that would solve her problem and mine.

Lexi Berriman is one of my favorite models/athletes to work with. She is all about getting the shot and doing whatever it takes to get it, with a smile on her face and tremendous patience. I decided she could be the model for the group shot.

She has awesome squat form and I thought that if she had four other Lexi’s watching her squat while wearing the variety of outfits, we could achieve what Ana wanted.

While I have gotten some slaps on the back for pulling this off, it’s Lexi that deserves all the credit. She had to make it look real and if you pay attention to the path of her vision in the various positions she was placed in, she appears to be watching herself squat. It seems simple but few could pull this off the first shot.

You can follow Lexi on Facebook, she is a fascinating woman and incredible athlete.

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