My Girls

A strong and happy Family means a great deal to me. As an only child from a broken home, it’s something I didn’t grow up with. My wife, Ana Tigre, was raised with a much different experience. Her family, being the good Brazilians that they are, is close-knit, abundant, loving, and festively loud. Everything is a party and everything is fun. A Tigre family gathering is the most glorious and chaotic event I have ever been a part of, even better when the extended family joins in. There is always food, some drink, and everyone talks, dances, eat, drinks, and talks and dances and eats some more. No one politely makes and appearance then leaves shortly after to tend to “something pressing”, and these things never end early. It’s the best time ever and I look forward to each and every opportunity to get together when we go to Brazil, or when they travel to America.

Ana and I love spending time together yet she misses the chaos of family and she misses taking care of loved ones. We are working on expanding our own family. Right now we have our dogs, Bella and Ellie, and whenever possible we take them with us wherever we go. They are family members and we treat them that way.

A few months ago when we were in Southern California working, we took the girls to visit dog beach in Coronado where they can run and play with other dogs without the restrictions of a leash. Bella and Ellie were having a blast. It had been a perfect day and was turning into a beautiful a golden sunset. Ana was wearing something cute of course and looked stunning so I ran to the car and grabbed my camera bag.

The tide was out and a sandbar had appeared about ten feet past where the surf touched the beach. We figured the girls would stay on the beach, since they are little princesses and don’t like to get wet, so we moved out to the sandbar and started to shoot.

A few minutes later, Bella got up the courage to run through the water and save her mother who was clearly in danger, and after her sister took off, Ellie wasn’t far behind. They totally photobombed our shoot with their wet, sandy little bodies, and Ana’s reaction was priceless.

It was cold that day, she was freezing, the sun was going down, the wind was icy cold, and at this point for a model, nothing feels good despite how it may look in the pictures. Patience usually runs thin at this point and everyone just wants to get the shot so they can hurry up and get warm again. I would certainly understand her being frustrated by the interruption, but that’s not Ana. When the girls crashed the shoot she immediately broke into a loud and beautiful laugh, and in doing so, she revealed the unconditional love in her heart for her little family.

We got some really beautiful pictures. But the ones we love the most are with the girls surrounding their mommy, her laughing and them just happy to be a part of what was going on. Ana chose to see the situation as magical rather than a lost moment that was supposed to be about her. What she gave me, and us, was something far more important and something we will never forget. A day at the beach with our furry babies tackling their fears just to be with and love their mommy, and us, as much as we love them.

Those are the most beautiful pictures of the day.


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