Ashley Shoultz – Profile

Like a fully-developed Rotweiler tenuously held at bay by a thin nylon leash and a well-manicured yet authoritative hand, Ashley Shoultz glides her white 2016 BMW X5 eDrive gracefully into place in front of Total Fitness in Denver’s upscale Highlands Ranch subburb. Ahead lays another work-day booked solid and scheduled down to the minute with personal training clients and consultations. From every angle it looks like a job but for Ashley it’s nothing like work at all. You could say it’s a calling, and one she devoted her life to 15 years ago when she was just 18 years old.

That passion has turned into a 6 figure income for a woman that hundreds rely on each year to guide them to a healthier, happier and better looking life. The secret to her success lays in her experience with her own health issues, her own path to fitness, her own happiness and renewed self-esteem. She feels what her clients feel and that level of understanding can’t be found in a book. Ashley spends her life helping others and the success she has enjoyed is also shared with a number of charities in Denver as well as nationally and internationally.

Modeling only helps to bring more attention to the work she does and the charities she is involved with, as well as being a creative outlet and a form of reward for her own hard work in the gym.

An outstanding model, athlete and person, we are proud to introduce you to Ashley Shoultz.


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