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There’s a problem with outstanding success. We tend to focus on the result. We miss out on the years of hard work and sacrifice it took to get there. It’s the journey that can teach us something, or motivate us, or reveal qualities in ourselves that we see in someone else that is working their hardest to be the best they can be. This is the stuff that elevates otherwise average men to do outstanding things.

Monica Brant spent 20 years at the top of professional physique sports earning world championships in the top two international federations. She is published more than any other fitness model in history and is one of the most recognized and revered fitness personality on the globe. Three months after winning the 2013 WBFF World Championships in Las Vegas, she medaled Gold, Silver and Bronze in the World Masters Track Championships in Brazil. There is no other woman like her in the fitness industry.

Monica was born and raised in a one-horse town just a few miles east of San Antonio, Texas. She did well in school and loved horses and sports and excelled in track. There were dreams of a track scholarship for Texas A&M, but life got in the way, and it never happened. Her parents divorced, they moved, and running track wasn’t an option any longer. She got into equestrian and went to college briefly but the money ran out, and Monica found herself back at home, 19 years old, with a bleak future ahead of her.

That’s when she discovered barroom bikini contests so with her brother in tow to keep her safe, she entered her first contest and won some money. The next weekend she tried another and won again. The winnings were consistent and growing. She even won a brand new car. Then someone introduced her to competitive fitness. She entered her first show and things shot up from there. Soon she had earned her pro status and was the hottest model in the fitness world. In 1998, she won the Fitness Olympia, the Superbowl of fitness shows. By then she was making a very good living from appearances, endorsements, and merchandise sales and that continued for many years after.

It wasn’t her body that made Monica special, and it wasn’t her face or connections. One training session with her in the gym, or a conversation about business with her reveals her true gift. It’s hard work, it’s a positive attitude, it’s her commitment to God, and her unwillingness to let anyone or anything but her define what she is going to do and be.

I spoke with Monica this week briefly; she has been a close friend for years. She has something else she is working toward right now. It’s a secret thing she can’t talk about right yet, but I can say it will be bigger than anything she has done thus far in her career. She is in her mid-forties and has no intention of slowing down or pulling the curtains on her athletic career.

After I had hung up the phone, I got out of my chair and went to the gym. That’s the magic in knowing someone as incredible as Monica Brant; she elevates others with her passion and by being the very best she can be.


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