Sophia Drysdale – Profile

One glance at Sophia Drysdale tells you she is an athlete. The second glance, and a second glance is inevitable, tells you that she is a beautiful woman with an enigmatic smile, both bright and warm while inescapably intense. At first glance, you may call hers a confident look, the kind forged from years spent dominating the best in a sport that is dominated by men. But as the conversation continues and Sophia’s enthusiasm for life, doing good and helping others begins to shine through; the intensity in her eyes becomes better understood as passion and her eternal quest for the things that feed her soul.

She was the first Australian female to earn her Black Belt in Jui Jitsu. She went on to win 4 Pan American and 3 World Championship titles making her one of the very best in the world. Not happy to rest on her laurels she changed trajectory from earning titles to helping others. She started traveling the USA and the World teaching Jui Jitsu to other women as well as self-defense and overall health, wellness, and empowerment.

Sophia is also the mother of two beautiful little girls, 4-year-old Athena and 2-year-old Cleo. The girls spend half of the week with their mother and half with their father. When the girls are home, Sophia is a full-time mom and the focus is family. When the girls are with Dad she is is 100% focussed on business.


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