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When Michelle Trotter walks into the room, It’s hard to say what you notice first. There’s a lot going on. Her smile and engaging presence make a very strong case for being first, but then so does her incredible body and gorgeous face. She is lean, athletic, and has just enough muscle with the perfect amount of curves exactly where they should be. She is the kind of girl that could pull up to the football game in her 4 wheel drive pickup, tie up her cleats then walk onto the field wearing shorts and a jersey, and put everyone to shame. Afterward she would hit the showers, slide into an elegant fitted black dress, slip on some heels, and just as comfortably make a night on the town blissfully unforgettable.

Michelle is a southern girl, born and raised in Atlanta. She graduated high school a semester early then went to college at the University of Alabama. She majored in fashion retail with a minor in business and graduated with her degree in December 2012. While in college Michelle met Cody Trotter, a baseball player, and after dating for five years they got married on May 2014.

Today Michelle works at Arbor Pharmaceuticals in Birmingham, AL., has dogs and is happily married to Cody. She loves living in the south, “I’ve always loved the south because the people are so friendly here. Living in the South is convenient for an easy beach trip, a lake day, and definitely warm weather is always a plus. Birmingham has a wonderful restaurants. I really enjoy eating the local food that farmers grow right here in the area. We also have great music and hang out places to bring your dog and enjoy a cocktail.”

She competed in a bikini contest last year but now prefers just to train for reasons other than competing. “Now I’m just enjoying working out and eating healthy and trying to maintain a balanced life.”

Michelle trains about 5 to 6 days per week. “My goal is to get my heart rate up as I lift weighs. I’ll add some jump squats or wall balls in between sets to keep my muscles warm throughout the workout. I usually do HITT about two times a week. I keep weightlifting to about 45 minutes a night focusing on one particular body part at a time.”

We asked Michelle what a guy should know if he wanted to date a southern girl. Old fashioned manners, it seems, and being a good cook are important. “The first thing I would say is to be a gentleman. Remember back to the days when your mom told you to open the car door for your lady. If you can cook, then make a home-cooked meal. That would impress her. We enjoy our nights on the town but spending the evening with a man who can cook a nice meal will win her heart.”

Michelle Trotter is part tomboy, part glamor model, part girl-next-door. She is the quintessential southern girl, it’s been said, and she wields all that strength, confidence and zest for life in an enchantingly sweet, kind, and un-assuming way.

Come to think of it, it doesn’t matter what you notice first when she walks in the room. It’s what you’re left with after she is gone that sticks with you. Warm memories of a modern girl full of life and adventure, but with old-fashioned values. A girl that sets the bar high for herself, and those around her, yet enjoys the simple and perhaps most meaningful things in life most of all.


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