Zandi Dodge – An Old Soul

George Bernard Shaw once said “youth is wasted on the young” of course inferring that when young we are at our physical best, we have the most energy, resilience and promise, yet we lack the benefits of wisdom and experience. I know it’s true in my case. The true weight of “if only I knew then what I know now”, has come to bear greatly for me as I tear through my 5th decade of fumbling through life.

Zandi Dodge will most certainly feel the same way one day but she is starting off way ahead of most I think. In her early 20’s she has a clear direction for her life and while that direction will most certainly evolve throughout her life, it’s certainly her direction. She is one of those rare people that are part of the crowd, certainly adding a great deal to the crowd, yet following the path they choose rather than the one chosen for them.

She is a beautiful girl, a tremendous athlete that is gifted with amazing genetics, and I am told she is a great coach and trainer. She is most certainly a wonderful person to work with mostly because she is just herself in front of the camera, and comfortable being so. That in itself is rare among most people regardless of age.


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