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I got a text a couple months ago that a buddy of mine was in the hospital having a quadruple bypass.  He was having stomach problems all week and someone that cares convinced him to see a doctor.  Turns out he was about to have a massive, and probably fatal, heart attack at any moment.  He is a healthy guy about my age and looking at him you would never suspect he was about to have a heart attack.

The episode brought back memories.  Almost two years ago I was laying in a hospital bed thinking I was having a stroke.  Same thing, a healthy active guy that no one would suspect was having heart problems.

I can say with complete confidence that without the love and persistence of my wife Ana, I would not be here.  When the doctors wanted to throw drugs at the problem and I refused to get on the treadmill of pills, then pills to counteract what the pills were doing, then pills to counteract what the counteracting pills were doing, Ana quietly started to research natural ways to solve the problem.  When I got home she went to work and within a couple weeks I was feeling better and within a couple months it was like the problems never existed.

Unlike my friend I didn’t need surgery, my issues were different.  My problem was inflammation and stress, two of the most common health related issues men deal with and will ultimately lead to death.  I also needed to manage my life better as well as the things I put into my body and into my mind.  Eating the things Ana wanted me to eat was the easy part, changing my daily habits took some doing but two years later I am the king of looking after myself, knowing my healthy limits, and putting things in perspective.  I have no fear of dying, I just want to wake up beside this woman as many days as I can because those days are filled with more life than I could ever imagine.

I started this section on my website to talk about the lifestyle.  A healthy, positive, and productive lifestyle.  It’s about being a man in every sense of the word but a more mature man that respects his health, his career, his environment and pays attention to the things that influence it.  My hope is that the topics I write about will strike a chord with other men dealing with similar issues and that we can talk about it honestly, as trusted buddies, so that our lives can be better.


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